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Diagnostic Test Kits

Myocardial Biomarkers
Infection and Inflammation
kideny Function


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High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Detection Kit

Troponin I Detection Kit

Myoglobin Detection Kit

Creatine kinase isoenzyme Detection Kit

D-dimer Detection Kit

N-terminal brain natriuretic peptide precursor Detection Kit

Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein Detection Kit

Myeloperoxidase Detection Kit

Troponin I/Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein Joint Detection Kit

Troponin I/Myoglobin/Creatine Kinase Isozyme Joint Detection Kit

Lipoprotein-associated phospholipaseA2 Detection Kit

Procalcitonin Detection Kit

Whole-course C-reactive protein Detection Kit

Interleukin 6 Detection Kit

Serum amyloid A Detection Kit

Serum amyloid A/C-reactive protein Joint Detection Kit

Neutrophil Gelatinase Related Lipid Delivery Protein Detection Kit

Cystatin C Detection Kit

β2-microglobulin Detection Kit

microalbumin Detection Kit

Neutrophil Gelatinase Related Lipid Delivery Protein/microalbumin Joint Detection Kit

Control Products

Quality Control Software

Mini LIS can integrate regional information and resources. Mini LIS and equipment can directly connect to the backbone network of the hospital. Data information of the hospital and its branches can interact with HIS/LIS through Mini LIS. The application management software of multi-platform such as personnel, equipment, quality control, report audit, quality and technical records can greatly improve the efficiency of the bedside diagnostic procedure.

Quality Control Products

CK-MB quality control products

cTnI quality control

D-dimer quality control

Myoglobin Controls

NT-proBNP control

PCT Controls

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